Why You Should Vote For Becca Tepper – Part 2 of 20

Why You Should Vote For Becca Tepper – Part 2 of 20

Becca Tepper and her mom at the ESPYs

Becca Tepper and her mom at the ESPYs

If you missed the first part of the story and want to get caught up, go here.

Becca Tepper grew up in San Diego, and lived there until going off to college, and since then she's lived in a bunch of destination locations and has travelled the world… literally.  More on that later. Becca is half Brazilian, and it will help to know a little about her family to understand her better.

Let's start with her mom (my ex) who has been a great role model for Becca.  A Brazilian immigrant, Carmen came to the US in 1988, originally planning to stay for around 6 months.  And then she met me 🙂  She is an incredibly driven, hard working, successful, no BS kind of entrepreneur who has taught Becca a work ethic that is second to none.  After a job at Xerox in Orange County, Carmen and I started a company that sourced and supported an assortment of products to the Brazilian market, giving Carmen a business reason (and me the opportunity!) to travel to Brazil frequently as well as our first taste of business ownership.

Leveraging that experience, and always looking for new opportunities, she saw a need in the market and decided to get into the education business. Carmen started the International Academy of English in 1999, which focuses on teaching English to International students that come to study in the US with a student visa. Then, in 2005, Carmen acquired Southern States University (yes, you CAN buy a University… who would have thought that was even possible?) and has gone on to grow both into reputable, accredited institutions that have served thousands of students over the last 16 years.

Carmen has always been a loving, nurturing, sometimes overbearing… but always supportive mom and friend to Becca, and is beloved by Becca's friends.  She has given Becca opportunities in her short life than most of us don't have in a lifetime (which is one of the reasons she is so qualified for the Miss Jetset Magazine title, but more on that later).  Carmen's approach to motherhood was to pretty much give or do anything for Becca, and for Michael (you'll hear more about him soon) to make them happy.  Way more than I ever would have, and butted heads many times, usually not in front of the kids.  But we were divorced when the kids were young, she had her time with the kids and she could do as she chose.  I was OK with that.  I'm just saying… they saw a little different set of rules when they were at my house, and in retrospect, that balance was good for them.

Now Becca is all grown up and she and her mom have a great relationship.  In fact, it's probably the best it's ever been.  At 25, she and Carmen can truly be friends in the most meaningful way.

Next I'll tell you a little more about me.  And then there's Michael.  I guess it's hard to summarize Becca's past in just a few paragraphs.  So I'll have to continue with the next post.  Watch for it!

In the meantime, as you wait for that, learn more about Becca Tepper and the Miss International Jetset Magazine 2015 competition here, where Becca has been crowned “Miss Illinois” and is one of the final 51 out of 5100 original contestants.

If you agree that Becca would be a great choice for Jetset Magazine, then vote for her daily from now until December 10.  It’s free to vote, and you can help her spread the word using this link.

The rules allow Becca's supporters to vote daily, and Becca is implementing a variety of other strategies to increase her visibility and attract votes.

So vote now, and watch for the next post.

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