Why Becca Tepper Deserves Your Vote – Part 3 of 20

Why Becca Tepper Deserves Your Vote – Part 3 of 20

becca tepper story - becca for Miss Jetset Magazine 2015This is not about me, or Carmen or Michael, but to really know Becca you need to know a little about the 3 people who know her best, and who are now a few of her biggest fans.

I came from a very middle class background and was not expecting my parents to be able to send me to a private university.  Back then, Duke was about $6,500 a year (crazy, right?  Private elementary school costs more than twice that much now…), and that was way beyond what my parents could afford.  But I was a straight A student and class Valedictorian, so when I got in but didn't get offered a scholarship by Duke, my parents took out loans and encouraged me to go to there (there's more to that story, as you might imagine, but this is about Becca).

From there I went to work for Bell Laboratories, because at the time they had a program called “One Year on Campus” or “OYOC”, and by going to work for them, they agreed to send me to the Masters program of my choice, anywhere in the country (so long as I got in on my own)!

In 1982, there were over 500 of us around the country getting Masters degrees in various Engineering disciplines, thanks to AT&T Bell Laboratories. Since all Bell Labs facilities were on the east coast, Stanford and Berkeley were popular choices and had disproportionate numbers of us.  I definitely saw this as my opportunity to check out the west coast, and impacted me enough that I moved to San Diego a few years later.

But first I paid my dues.  At Stanford, during the year I was there we had about 200 OYOCs, enough for one entrepreneurial OYOCer to make (and sell) tee shirts for all of us that were bright yellow and said “OYOC” in big letters, had some picture that I can't recall on it, and then the “sub-title” was “We don't care.  We don't have to.”  Corny, I know.  But we were a lucky bunch and we all knew it. I wish I still had that shirt to show you.

Anyway, I had great experiences at both Duke and Stanford.  Not as much because of the education, which at the time I took for granted, but for the social dynamics, the opportunity to walk out of your dorm room and have someone to “hang out with” whenever you felt like it.

Which brings up an interesting side note… about the difference in Becca and Michael's upbringing, and their mindset and frame of reference when they were thinking about college.  I'll get back to that when I cover Becca's teen years.  Stay with me… it will get better as we get more into Becca's story, and we're just about there…

Becca was born and raised in San Diego, CA.  That's because of one of the smartest decisions I ever made, which was to move to San Diego in 1984.  While at Stanford, I had a chance to visit San Diego many times, because my best friend from Duke, Alan, had moved to San Diego to work for HP, and he and I had a business idea we were developing.  There's another story there, but I want to stay focused here.

The relevant part of that is that I did move to San Diego a few years after going to Stanford, once I felt comfortable that I had “payed my dues” to Bell Laboratories and gave them a good return on their investment in me.  And it was only because I came to San Diego that Becca came into the picture.

That's because in 1988 I met Becca's mom (see my last post for more about Carmen), and after a whirlwind 4 month romance, we took our vows.  After several multi-year relationships, getting married after a 4 month romance was totally out of character for me.  But that's how things go in life sometimes.  You have options and you have to make choices.  In our case, Carmen was being called back to Brazil by her employer, and I knew that if she went back, the relationship would end.  I knew myself too well.  And I was not going to let that happen.

Our first year and a half was turbulent, some of the highest peaks and lowest valleys that I had traversed in my life.  Who knew that marriage would be so difficult?  Where do you prepare for this?  I was 28, so I had the life experience to adjust, right?  The truth is… not really.

Becca was born in July 1990 and helped us to get our priorities straight.  From the time Becca was born, she gave our life a new dimension, and at many times, a new obsession, as most parents can relate to.  Becca was the center of our universe, and I can remember so many gatherings where parents of Becca's friends would get together and the entire focus was on watching our kids and being entertained by them.

(That reminds me… a little philosophy…  one thing I realized in raising my kids is that most of the adults that I socialized with were the parents of my kids friends.  Who else do you have time for when you've got kids growing up with activities going on almost every weekend?)

In any group setting, Becca found a way to remain the center of attention and was always one of the natural “leaders” of the pack, with other girls gravitating to her and following her lead… sometimes for good, and sometimes for not so good…

becca tepper at 3 years old and her brother michael 2After 15 months of being an only child and the center of our universe, along came Michael, who doubled our joy and gave Becca an instant playmate and a friend who was never too far away.  So I will need to fill you in on Michael before you can really know Becca.  I'll get to him in my next post, and then you'll be ready to hear all about Becca.

In the meantime, as you wait for that, learn more about Becca Tepper and the Miss International Jetset Magazine 2015 competition here, where Becca has been crowned “Miss Illinois” and is one of the final 51 out of 5100 original contestants.

If you agree that Becca would be a great choice for Jetset Magazine, then vote for her daily from now until December 10.  It’s free to vote, and you can help her spread the word using this link.

The rules allow Becca's supporters to vote daily, and Becca is putting together some good ways to reward everyone who supports her in this endeavor.  So vote now, spread the word and watch for the next post.

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