What is a Digital Marketer Certified “Content Marketing Specialist”?

What is a Digital Marketer Certified “Content Marketing Specialist”?

Digital Marketer Certified Content Marketing SpecialistI just completed Digital Marketer's first Certification course, which was focused on Content Marketing Mastery, and it was exceptional.  I felt that I already had a pretty good knowledge when it comes to how to most effectively use content as a part of any company's marketing strategy, especially after attending Digital Marketer's Traffic & Conversion Summit this year, and then getting certified through Digital Marketer's Certified Partner training program.  But you know what?  There is alot of good content in this course.  The Content Marketing Specialist Certification course was worth every minute – and every dollar – that I invested in it, and I am already applying a bunch of the strategies and tactics that I learned in the course.

Is your content designed to help you engage with your prospects and customers?  After all, that's really what content is all about – it allows you to build trust with your readers so that when you tell them about a product or service that you recommend, they will jump on it!  But that doesn't happen overnight.  I love Ryan Deiss' comparison of an online relationship to a dating relationship.  You don't go up to a woman at the bar and say, “hey, you're cute, you look like you fit my criteria, will you marry me?”  Of course not, and that's what it's like when you ask a prospective client to buy from you before they know, like and trust you.  Creating engaging content is one of the many topics addressed in this training program.

How do you create engaging content?  How about starting with Digital Marketer's 212 Blog Post ideas?  That was one of the many “aha” moments that I had when going through the course.  Yes, 212 blog post ideas for those of us who may have no idea what to write about.  Would that would help you?

What about an editorial calendar that spells out exactly what content you want your team to post each day?  Do you think that would be a valuable resource?

Don't have a team?  Even more of a reason to go through this certification course.  You will learn what you need to be doing yourself, when it comes to content, and what you can outsource to that team that you really must have in place to grow your company.  After all, it's when you focus ON the company and have your team working IN the company, implementing your ideas and strategies, that you will really grow.

Does that sound like the right approach?  If so, we should speak!  Complete the form at www.RobTepper.com to get your 73 point Business Doubling Checklist and we will take it from there!

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