How My IRS Audit Finally Made Me St…

How My IRS Audit Finally Made Me St…

Catchy, right, but what do you think my IRS Audit finally made me do?

Stick with me and you will find out soon enough…

During 6 years as an online marketer, learning and getting value from so many people, I always struggled with what value I could bring to the table. Something that was different than what I was learning from everyone else. It was never really clear what that was.

I ran a University but that was before I became an online marketer.  I did have a bedbug experience a few years ago that I thought about sharing this way, but it was pretty gross… and based on the reactions that I got from my closest friends and family, I decided that the bedbug story was not what I wanted to be known for.

Then again, I would not expect to be known for anything related to the IRS either…

But everything changed because I got audited by the IRS a few months ago. Actually, it started a few months ago and it isn't over as I begin writing this and making the video series that will follow.

Just to keep it real, this is not a BS story just so I have a story to share.  It's real, and it started innocently enough with this letter:

First Letter About My IRS Audit


Unfortunately I received this letter around 3 months after the date it was sent (shown on the top right), and with a 10 day to respond deadline, I was now more than 2 1/2 months past the deadline that I was now seeing on this form.  Oh Shit.  I mean shoot.

First challenge… of many.

I decided to share my IRS Audit Story for several reasons.  But it really comes down to this:

I was thinking about how much time and effort I had put into getting my ducks in a row for my IRS Audit, and what a waste of time it had been.  After all, I had so many more important things to do.  It was particularly painful because I had done a terrible job during those exact 2 years in doing what we know we are supposed to do when it comes to record keeping.

And then it dawned on me. What I just experienced was pretty significant.

Are you one of those people who dreads the thought of being audited? Have you lost sleep over an audit, gotten divorced because of what was uncovered in an audit, or gone to prison as a result of an audit?

I decided to tell my traumatic IRS audit story with short videos.

I will try to keep it interesting. But more importantly, the ordeal I will share is one that I never saw coming.  And an ordeal that I wouldn't wish on my enemies.

The IRS Audit was for 2013 and 2014.  Just a couple short years ago, but guess what: Those were 2 of my most complex tax years ever, helping me to learn some of the more complex issues when it comes to dealing with tax preparation and with the IRS.

And you know what's really crazy? The number and variety of tools and online businesses that I bought into during those 2 years is staggering… so many tools I have long forgotten about and ventures that are long gone (maybe 15% of them are still around)…

I decided to shoot the videos using my cell phone and my selfie stick.  Mike Koenig offered some great advice at a MOBE Mastermind event I was at a few years ago, and I'll use that advice here.  I will probably shoot these videos at night when nobody else is around to watch, bullyrag or otherwise intimidate me or make me think twice about moving forward with this project.

You will find that the videos are short, very simple and simply produced.  By sharing my story and the lessons learned, I hope that I can help you overcome your own fears, keep your marriages strong and keep you out of prison.  But if you stick with me, there's even more than that…

Part 1 is coming soon. I bet you can't wait…

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