First 14 Videos Shot, Produced and Posted. 986 To Go?

First 14 Videos Shot, Produced and Posted. 986 To Go?

On February 22 I finally did what I had promised myself I would do 2 months earlier. I started creating and posting videos online. The first step was having that epiphany of what exactly is my message… what am I going to be doing videos about?

Once I knew what I was going to be sharing in these videos, then the question was “how many should I do?” I am not the first to start a video blog, and the way many people start is with a 90 day video challenge. I was inspired by @TashaAngelaCooney and her 365 Days of Awesome video series that she started about 130 days before this article is being written. After seeing her videos, I started seeing a bunch of other people doing 356 days of something or another. I don't like to be like everyone else, so initially I decided I would do 500 days of videos. Not to “one up” anyone, but just to be different. As the concept came closer to becoming a reality, I decided to really challenge myself and to make it 1000 days of videos.

I decided to call it my KLT Video Series, and have been surprised at how few people have asked what KLT means. Have you figured that out yet?

Day 1 of 1000 KLT Video Series

Presented by me @RobTepperUnleashed

After that it was a matter deciding how I was going to deliver the videos. I decided to use a combination of platforms, including this website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I may use Snapchat at some point, and will use paid advertising to bring people to the more popular videos occasionally to engage them in the video series.

At the time of this writing, Video 1 of 1000 has the most views, and this is without any paid advertising or promotion outside of my @RobTepperUnleashed fan page and my personal Facebook page.  I will probably do some paid advertising using this video as my “teaser” to get more people to check out my fan page and see what I am up to.

And as for what I am up to… I'm hoping that at some point, you will see enough to want to watch a few of the videos to figure that out for yourself.

I am doing my best to keep each video short (under 3 minutes, because of something I learned which I share on my Day 3 of 1000 video).

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