The Becca Tepper Story – Michael enters the scene

The Becca Tepper Story – Michael enters the scene

Becca Tepper and Michael Tepper enjoying one another's companionship

Becca and Michael Tepper having fun in Brazil

Becca and Michael are 15 months apart, and once Michael was born, Becca had a “ready-made”  friend and playmate for life.

That bond started when they were infants and has always remained strong. By the time Michael was 4 years old, he was close enough in size to Becca that alot of people thought the two were twins.  While their features are not that similar, they were clearly siblings. They both had curly blond hair, they were about the same size, they were full of energy, they had alot of love in their lives and they were both very loving kids.

And they were adorable (OK, I'm their dad and a bit biased, but it's true!).

As the oldest and first married in my family, I was also the first of my siblings, or cousins to have kids, and while all of those who have followed Becca and Michael have been given lots of love as well, they were the first, and that put them in a special place in everyone's heart.

The love they had came not just from my side of the family, but also from their Brazilian relatives.  The Brazilian side of the family is very warm, loving, and family oriented (qualities I have found in most Brazilians I have met), and those qualities had a very positive impact on both Becca and Michael during the past 25 years.

Becca and Michael were always very close.  They shared experiences, friends, toys, and even shared a bedroom for the first few years of their lives.  In their early years, Becca loved Michael in her own special way, which included lots of antagonizing and annoying him… usually to get attention… also typical among siblings. I remember “warning” Becca many times that she had better watch out because it wouldn't be long before Michael was bigger than her… and he would get even.

Michael was bigger than Becca by the time they were  6 and 7 years old. Luckily, he didn't hold a grudge, and Becca learned quickly at that point that she was no longer in control. From that point forward, their relationship became much more “equal”.

They went to the same schools for most of their K-12 years, they both played soccer, their weeks and weekends were filled with one sport or another and birthday parties.  They both learned to ski together, and then they switched to snowboarding together (which they both excel at today).

Of course there were lots of family outings and vacations, where the one thing they always had, and could always count on was each other.  And they enjoyed each other's company… most of the time.

That said, it always fascinated me that Michael and Becca were different in such fundamental ways.  As a parent, it's hard to understand how that could be possible.  After all, they both have the same internal and external influences, so how could they be so different?

While Becca was aloof, carefree and fearless, Michael was cautious, thoughtful and precise.  It wasn't until Becca was in 5th grade that we determined that part of her “aloofness” was due to ADD.  As parents, we learn to tolerate behaviors that we don't approve of or understand.  We know that aloofness has its disadvantages in life.  But then, maybe it's not aloofness… maybe it's a more creative personality.  Or something more?  Anyway, I'll get to that part of the story after I finish introducing Michael.

One of the most challenging parts of their relationship had to do with school and homework.  There were lots more times when Becca was frustrated or just plain annoyed that she had to take her schoolwork seriously and take responsibility for her own progress.  A lot of that “attitude”, I later realized, was a result of her untreated ADD.  And it turns out, in retrospect, that I understand alot of that attitude was due to the frustrations she was facing… frustrations that were beyond her control as much as they were beyond our control to “fix” them, as caring parents.

Michael was the child who did what he needed to do, without being told, while Becca struggled and resisted and made excuses… but Becca always saw Michael doing the things he was supposed to do without a struggle, and without a fight.  Yet she was in a continuous battle… a battle that was in large part a result of her frustration.

Having a brother who was so different in that respect caused the majority of the fighting and arguing that went on between them during those years. Do you think that might lead to some resentment?  That was really the main area where their relationship was “challenged” during their K – 12 years.

Aside from that, they were pretty close throughout their childhood years, and in high school, they shared alot of the same friends, and thus experiences.  I remember feeling that the social life they had in high school was comparable to the social life I didn't experience until college.  The college life experience of the 80s is now happening for high school kids, due in large part to social media and the ease at which people can find reasons to hang out together.

So, what else do you need to know about Michael before we focus the rest of this story on Becca?

Michael and Becca hanging out together in Rio

Michael and Becca hanging out together in Rio

Michael has been a good brother to Becca, and as adults, I think it's fair to say that now they have a closer relationship now than ever.

In fact, just this week Becca went to Brazil on business, and while she was there she took some time to visit Michael in Rio de Janeiro, where he is  studying at PUC for the semester as part of his International Business program at SDSU.  Michael has been in Rio for 3 months, he is absolutely loving it there, and he was an amazing host and guide during Becca's visit.

OK, that's the background you need for me to now focus the story on Becca.  And that is what will be covered from here on out, but of course the family is intertwined into Becca's story, so knowing a little about us is a necessary part of understanding Becca.

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