3 Days to Go and Becca Is Out…

3 Days to Go and Becca Is Out…

Now there are just 3 days to go.

It's down to the final 5 contestants. And my daughter Becca Tepper is out in front… holding on to first place in a competition that started with 5,100 competitors all vying for that one top spot!

Vote for Becca Tepper for Miss Jetset 2015

Becca is holding on to first place in the Miss Jetset 2015 Competition with just 3 days to go!

What does it take to compete in an International competition and make it into the final round? Well, it all depends on the type of competition, right? But whatever it is,  winning starts with really understanding the rules and then being the BEST, in the eyes of the judge(s).

Whether it's in sports, art, music or writing, a beauty pageant or the type of competitions we see regularly in reality shows like America's Got Talent  and Survivor, each type of competition has a unique set of rules.  And the one trait the winners all have in common is that before they become a “winner”, they have put in a ton of hard work, they have been exceptionally committed and dedicated to being great at what they do.  It's never just the “natural talent” that gets people to the top, although there's no denying that it's a helpful starting point.

And similarly, it hasn't been a walk in the park for Becca to make it into the final round of the Miss International Jetset Magazine 2015 competition. I have observed and been there for her while she has been learning so much, and watched her get comfortable being uncomfortable… getting WAY out of her comfort zone, and thinking more creatively and strategically than she ever imagined she could.

What does that mean? Start with the fact that she has had to be posting about herself on social media almost every day to get “organic” votes. I know how uncomfortable I get in promoting a product or a service on social media more than once or twice… I learned long ago that the best way to build your list and to get support behind you is through attraction marketing, which is a process that takes time.

Imagine coming up with creative ways to post “don't forget to vote for me” day after day. Most people would never do it… we believe that only our most loyal friends would tolerate seeing this in their facebook newsfeed every day, and even for them, there comes a time when they will get sick of seeing those posts.

So what do you do when time is short, when the goal is to get peoples' attention – so they will get to know you, and hopefully vote for you in a competition… while not “over-doing” it?  I say “when time is short” because that makes a huge difference.  With more time, there are many Internet Marketing strategies that could be used to get votes while at the same time building a loyal list of followers.

But what about when you don't have much time?  People first need to be interested enough to stop at your posting long enough to read it, and then they need to care enough to take the next step, which in this case is to go to another page and then click a few times to vote.

One big lesson Becca learned during this competition is that most people who are your followers on Instagram or your friends on Facebook do not vote. Period.  And that made the “vote getting” a little more challenging.  With over 80K followers on Instagram and 15K on Facebook, Becca would be so far ahead that her other competitors would never have a chance if just 20% of those fans and followers voted for her 2 or 3 times during the competition.  It's eye opening to realize that.  And has made her think more deeply about what is really involved in “engaging” people so that they will take the action you want them to take.

Close friends and family have been voting loyally, and daily.  But Becca realized early on that she would not be able to win by just counting on her friends, or on her social media network.  She would have to do more.

And that's where her “outside the box thinking” has given her an edge. I can't tell you yet all of the things that this approach has led her to put in place, both creative and strategic, because the competition is not over yet and I don't want to give away Becca's secrets while the other competitors could still benefit from them. So we'll cover those once the competition is over, in a post that will be dedicated to the strategies that Becca used to position herself to win… and that you may want to consider when you find yourself in a competition that you believe you can win somewhere along the line.

In the next posting, we'll go back to Becca's K – 12 years.  And I'll talk more about the impact that this competition has had on Becca… how it has in some ways has transformed her; no question that it has inspired her to think much bigger than purely herself or her own success… and to begin really thinking like an entrepreneur.  It's been fascinating to observe, and to help her with  direction and support when she needs it. But as I said, more on that next time.

For now, spend a minute and vote for Becca. You can go directly to vote for Becca Tepper for Miss Jetset 2015 by clicking here, or register for Becca's Rio de Janeiro or Las Vegas Ticket Giveaway, and you will be directed to the voting page after you register.

Then, set your alarm to remind yourself to vote every day for the next 3 days, until December 10.

And expect the next update from me before the competition ends.

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