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Day 14 of 1000 KLT Video Series by me @RobTepperUnleashed

Day 14 of 1000.  Today I am sharing my Costa Rica Mentoring experience, where my job was to insure that 13 high paying students left satisfied. You … [Read more...]

First 14 Videos Shot, Produced and Posted. 986 To Go?

On February 22 I finally did what I had promised myself I would do 2 months earlier. I started creating and posting videos online. The first step was … [Read more...]

How My IRS Audit Finally Made Me St…

Catchy, right, but what do you think my IRS Audit finally made me do? Stick with me and you will find out soon enough... During 6 years as an … [Read more...]

3 Days to Go and Becca Is Out…

Now there are just 3 days to go. It's down to the final 5 contestants. And my daughter Becca Tepper is out in front... holding on to first place in … [Read more...]

The Becca Tepper Story – Michael enters the scene

Becca and Michael are 15 months apart, and once Michael was born, Becca had a "ready-made"  friend and playmate for life. That bond started when … [Read more...]

Why Becca Tepper Deserves Your Vote – Part 3 of 20

This is not about me, or Carmen or Michael, but to really know Becca you need to know a little about the 3 people who know her best, and who are now a … [Read more...]

Why You Should Vote For Becca Tepper – Part 2 of 20

If you missed the first part of the story and want to get caught up, go here. Becca Tepper grew up in San Diego, and lived there until going off to … [Read more...]

This one is about my daughter Becca Tepper

I've always been close to Becca. She's my first child and my only daughter, so that makes her about as special as a child can be. And I always knew … [Read more...]

Like a Proud Brother, I Want To Share Her Story…

I've known her since she started out in the online world. I watched her struggle.  We struggled together. I empathized with her.  She was … [Read more...]

What is a Digital Marketer Certified “Content Marketing Specialist”?

I just completed Digital Marketer's first Certification course, which was focused on Content Marketing Mastery, and it was exceptional.  I felt that I … [Read more...]